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Are you Looking for new commercial projects in Gurgaon? Well, you are in right place. We will help you out in finding a best commercial project in Gurgaon, which not only help you to make the right investment decision but will help you to appreciate your investment in the future. It is rightly said that you can’t anticipate the future correctly but making a right and a calculative decision will surely decrease the risk of getting your hard earned money ended in the wrong project.


Best New Commercial Projects in Gurgaon

1, M3M Corner Walk

Corner walk is another commercial projects in sector 74, Gurgaon on SPR by M3M Group. This project is the mix of Retail Shops on Ground floor, 1st floor, and 2nd floor and food court on 2nd & 3rd along with Multiplex Screens. M3M Corner walk is surrounded by hundred acres of the plotted township of DLF and having large residential catchment opposite side of the project. for more info click m3m corner walk.

2 M3M 65th Avenue

M3M 65th avenue is a mixed-use development of 12.5 acres by M3M group on golf course extension road in sector 65. M3M 65th avenue is having high street Retail Shops on upper ground, lower ground and 1st floor and food court on the 2nd floor. 65th avenue is surrounded by luxury residential project Golf estate and Trump towers and having a large number of residential catchment on golf course extension road makes it one of the best commercial project in Gurgaon for investment.

3 AIPL Joy Central

AIPL Joy Central is a commercial project on golf course extension road developed by AIPL Group. this project is the perfect blend of Shopping & Working. Having Retail shops, food court, the multiplex at one hand makes it perfect for shopping and entertainment and other hand having world class office premises makes it one of the best destination for office space for rent in Gurgaon.

4 AIPL Joy Square

Aipl Joy square is yet another commercial project in Gurgaon on Golf course extension road in sector 63 a by AIPL Group consisting of high street retail shops and the food court with fully furnished serviced apartments.

5 AMB Selfie Square

Amb Selfie square is a new commercial project in sector 37 d on Dwarka Expressway. this project is the mix of retail shops, food court, multiplex, and office spaces. 2-floor plates have already been leased out to Reliance homes for the period of 9 years.

6 AMB Selfie Street

AMB Selfie street is a new commercial project in sector 92, new Gurgaon by AMB Group, this project is just adjacent to 1000 acres of the township of DLF called DLF Garden City. Amb Selfie street is consisting of low maintenance retail shops, food court, and Multiplex.

7, Elan Miracle sector 84, Gurgaon, Dwarka Expressway.

Elan miracle is one of the best commercial projects in Gurgaon because of its location which is three side open and having it’s one facing towards Dwarka expressway and another on 150 mtr multi utility corridor.

8, Elan Epic sector 70, Gurgaon

Elan epic is a new commercial project launched by Elan group in Sector 70, SPR, Gurgaon. This project is based on having water atrium facing Shops, Mesh roof, hanging Pods etc. Elan group is launching it as a 1st luxury retail destination in Gurgaon, and if we go by its specification and interior it is definitely going to be so.

Elan epic is located in 4acres of commercial land and is surrounded by residential townships of Tulip and GPL which is already 95% occupied. Elan epic is having retail shops on LGF & UGF and 1st Floor and food court on 2nd floor and Multiplex screens on the 3rd & 4th floor.

9, M3M Broadway sector 71, Gurgaon

M3M broadway is launched by M3M group in sector 71 Gurgaon on SPR, Gurgaon. M3M Broadway is having retail shops, Food Court and multiplex with fixed ROI from day one till possession. M3M broadway is having wide frontage.

10, SS Omnia 2 Commercial

SS Group is coming up with another commercial project in sector 86 Gurgaon on Main DLF Ultima Road. The project is in Pre-launch stage and will be launched in 1-2 month. This commercial would be consisting of Retail Shops & Food Court & Multiplex Screens.

This commercial Location is Surrounded by DLF Garden City, DLF New town heights and many other residential and commercial projects. Do Call us for more information

Residential v/s Commercial

Why it’s often suggested to invest in commercial rather than investing in residential properties? Well, there is some logical reason behind this and they are following.

1,  Commercial Projects ( properties) tend to fetch higher ROI ( return on money) Compared to your Residential Investment. Here is an actual calculation of the same.

There is a commercial property on golf course extension road leased out to a Company the area is 2183 sqft and is fetching 70 psf as a rent per month. The total rent is  152810 per month. This property is available on sale @ 7% ROI the investment size is 2.62 cr approx.

There is a residential property of 4bhk on extension road which cost around 3 cr and is available to rent out at 45 k per month the ROI is 1.8%.

Now we can compare the benefits of investing in new commercial projects or pre-leased commercial projects. So it’s better to invest in commercial rather than investing in residential projects in Gurgaon.

2, Commercial Projects commands higher appreciation in lone term or short terms while residential projects tend to stay put after reaching its peak.

Let’s take the example of two properties one commercial and another residential on Golf Course Road Gurgaon. DLF Galleria is one of the best commercial Market in terms of Appreciation and when it was launched back in 1995-96 at the price of 6500 or so and now it is being sold at 1.25 lakh per sqft and the prices are still increasing and this market hasn’t still reached its peak.

Now there is DLF magnolias launched back in 2005 -06 at the price of 3.5 cr and now being sold at 14 -15 cr but the price is declining or is stagnant. If we compare both projects then we can know that both these projects have seen price appreciation but the commercial project has seen the appreciation of 2000% and residential has seen the appreciation of 200% +.

New Commercial Projects or Pre-leased commercial Project which is Better?

While the decision is made that among Commercial projects and residential we will opt or commercial investment the question arises if we should go for Assured return projects or should we opt for the Pre-leased property as pre-leased commercial properties commonly known by the name or rented properties are considered the best options as it makes your investment safe, while there is little bit risk always involved in newly launched commercial projects as there is nothing but a piece of land and documents which explains the duties of builder and his commitment towards Customer.

So has there been frauds committed by builders the answer is yes and lots of people have suffered because of this, but since the RERA has come into effect we have seen the increased level of transparency in real estate and it has helped to restore the confidence of investors. It has become necessary for a builder to get the approval of all documents from the HUDA before making official Launch and there is criminal punishment provision in RERA for Builders and Brokers involving in forgery.

So all these steps or initiatives by Govt. will help the buyers in short terms and amendments in RERA will help them in the Long run. So this is the best time to invest in new commercial projects or Assured return projects.

Types of Commercial Projects Assured or without Assured which is better?

Now if you have decided to go for new commercial projects then the next decision which you need to take is whether you should go for assured return projects or projects without assured return. but 1st let’s understand what are assured return projects? and what is an investment without Assured return?

Assured return is a kind of Interest paid to you by Builder till the time of possession on your given money to the builder in favor of the unit booked by you. Normally in Gurgaon assured return is between 10 % -12 %. but there is a catch you need to make the entire payment or 50 % of it at once at the time of your booking, while there is hardly any construction. so this involves risk whereas in Without Assured return investment you are asked to pay as per construction stages and limited risk involves.

So is it Advisable to go for Assured return projects or should we opt for other options?

Before RERA it was No to invest in Assured return projects but RERA is working a kind of Guarantee for customers and nowadays Builders has also come up with lots of lucrative payment options in Assured return which makes the risk of losing money to a very limited extent.


Commercial Projects Investment Types?

1 Retail Shops

Retail shops are the most demanding traditional form of investment in real estate particularly when it comes to commercial segment. Retail shops tend to fetch more rental and appreciation compared to office spaces.

2 Food courts

The food court is becoming the new investment trend in the real estate market. the way the number of people who eats out is increasing, food courts are turning to be a profitable investment option among commercial projects.

3 Restaurant Spaces

People with higher budget size can also opt for the specifically marked restaurant meant for restaurant chains. and as per a study was done by some professional agencies, food market will be highly profitable in coming times and investing in restaurant spaces in a commercial project is the best investment options in Gurgaon.

4 Multiplex Screens

5 Service Appartments

Why Gurgaon for investing in New Commercial Projects

Gurgaon started to step its foot into urbanization when the plant of Maruti was opened in Manesar in 1995 and since then it hasn’t looked back and today Gurgaon has become one of the favorite investment destinations across India and is known as millionaire city. thanks to Real estate sector which has contributed the most to make Gurgaon what it is today.

DLF is considered the Grandfather of Real estate in Gurgaon which has developed some fantastic commercial and residential projects which have put on Gurgaon as the place holds best commercial and residential properties across India.

As per research was done by many agencies, Gurgaon is Home to the Most of Fortune 500 companies and more and more foreign companies are keen to open up their offices in Gurgaon. The retail brands like Playboy and others have already set their foot in Gurgaon.

Best Locations for investing in New commercial projects in Gurgaon

  1. Golf course extension road

  2. SPR ( Southern peripheral road)

  3. Dwaraka Expressway

  4. NH-8

Why PLP Advisory Services

We at PLP Advisory Services having exclusive Commercial experience helps to find the best Possible Investment type for you as per your budget and Taste. Having Dedicated commercial agents helps you to find the best new commercial projects for you then show you around the location and help you to negotiate with the builder on your behalf. We are having 50 +  commercial projects in all locations of Gurgaon. So lets set up a meeting and you will come to know the difference between a normal broker and us.