pre leased property for sale in north delhi

Pre Leased Property for sale in north Delhi

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Pre-Leased property for sale in North Delhi

What is Pre-Leased Property?

Pre-Leased Property is a Ready to move in property leased out to any Brand and thus generating  Steady and safe Income over the property for a certain period of time. Pre-leased Property for sale in North Delhi is attracting lots of investors nowadays. Pre-Leased Property is a safe investment and along with it generates income on monthly basis thus securing your financial needs as well.

Tentative ROI in North Delhi in Pre rented Property

Tentative ROI as Pert Property Type in North Delhi
Pre Leased Banks 5 % – 5.5 %
Pre-leased Office Spaces   6% – 7%
Retail spaces rented 5 % -6%
Independent Building 6.5 % – 8.5 %
Minimum Budget Required 2  cr
No. Of options Available  8

Why Pre-Leased Property for sale in Delhi NCR?

Delhi NCR Consisting of Gurgaon Noida Faridabad and Delhi is a Major Hub of Investment Across India due to Well defined Infrastructure and the existence of lots of MNCs Hospitals etc. People are working in Delhi NCR are all around India and have settled or trying to settle in Delhi NCR. Since they are planning to stay in Delhi NCR The Demand of Property has Increased over the years so has increased The price.

Now Delhi NCR has become a hub Of investment for the people not from India but for the NRIs As well. People residing outside of India has also great interest in property investment in India. Due to Tax benefits etc. When clients are looking for safe and secure commercial Investment they are looking for the stable source of income with fewer return works but not the assured return property which has made lots of people to suffer a lot in Delhi NCR.

Why Pre-Leased Property for sale in North Delhi?

North Delhi is considered the poshest location in Delhi has had the most expensive properties in Delhi NCR region. So investing in North Delhi is itself a symbol of reputation and of course, property carries great appreciation along with safe and secure Income generation.

Pre-Leased Property for sale in Delhi NCR gives Investors a sense of safety along with future appreciation. Thus Delhi NCR and especially pre-leased property for sale in Gurgaon has become 1st Choice of Investors to Invest in.

Types Of Investment In Pre-leased.

1 Office space

2 Retail space

3 Independent building

4 Bank/Atm

What is the best Location for investing in Pre-leased In Delhi NCR?


Now the people who look for Investment in Pre-leased has a question about where to invest in Delhi NCR. Delhi NCR consists of Many Cities and which is the best city to an investor to get more appreciation in the future. For me, Every Location is equally good cause they are already generating Income for a number of People and has given very good appreciation over the years.

Pre Leased Property in Gurgaon are of Freehold nature as its mostly Leasehold in Delhi and Noida it gives little bit edge to them who are looking for freehold property for investment.


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