pre rented retail shop for sale in Gurgaon

Pre rented retail shop for sale in Gurgaon:9873498205

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What is pre rented property?

Pre rented retail shop for sale in Gurgaon is a typical advertisement we find in any news paper. Now a days people are more looking for pre rented property as investment options rather than residential and new commercial projects. reason is the fluctuation in the property market that too specially in residential market. Earlier people used to invest in residential flats and plots but the slowdown for last 3 years has compelled investors to look out for some other reliable option.

Pre rented property is being seen the reliable investment option for last 2-3 years and we have seen the increasing no. Of investors are investing in to it.

Why to Invest in Pre rented Property?

Now arise the question that if builders are giving 12% assured return on property investment than why should you goes for pre rented investment where ROI is not more than 8-9 %. Given below the advantages of investing in pre rented property over others options.

  • Fixed Income for 9 years or more.
  • Ready to move building with already occupied tenant. So no reason to be cheated as you can always check the tenant profile and ready to move building itself saves you form the hassles of being fooled in the name of documentation procedures etc.
  • Rented property appreciates better than others investment options.
  • This is the fastest liquid able asset in Property market.
  • You can always avail loan on rented property. More banks are interested in providing loan over pre rented property than others options.

Types of pre rented investment options

Why to invest in Pre rented retail shop Gurgaon?

Why to invest in Gurgaon is itself justified by the growth rate which it has seen in last decade and the way it is becoming the the hub for Fortune 500 companies the property prices will go higher in coming time.

Why to invest in pre rented retail shop is because it usually considered that pre rented banks is the safest options in pre rented investment. Cause bank tend to stay for longer time.

What options do we have in Retails?

We are having many options of pre rented retail shops be it jewellery brand food court cloths chain etc.


pre rented retail shop for sale in Gurgaon
pre rented retail shop for sale in Gurgaon


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