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Why real estate is best option of investment in India?

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Latest Property news

Why real estate is best option of investment in India?

For last 3 years the real estate market has gone through a slowdown which has resulted in the exit of investors to share market mutual funds etc.but this slowdown is actually a process of correction in prices which had gone high due to unorganised distribution of land and corruption in allocation of land and lack of proper policies.

Launching of one after another projects without any proper clearation of documents has resulted in almost 90 projects of delhi ncr are stuck in Legal process. Due to which investors are not able to come out of the investment this thing has resulted in the slowdown in real estate india. But real estate investment is still the best investment in india. As it provides you atleast a saftey up to large extent if you have chosen a right investment option.

Latest property news
Latest property news

As the real estate has started in india back in 1990in India  it was totally unorganised and much rules was not there back then as it is today.Since the Narendra Modi Govt. Has come in to Power. They have focused on Infrasturcture. And the Mission2022 of India Government to provide Home to every people has focused govt to take decesion to attract FDI in real estate.

Recently the Real estate bill was passed in both houses is a right step in making real estate a organised sector. Thus the commitment of govt is clear that it wants people to invest in real estate.

Real estate Trends in Delhi NCR

In last few years the real estate trends in delhi NCR has changed in a great way. Now people have started to invest in Commercial rather than in residential. The new trend of investing in pre leased property has attarcted investors to invest in commercial. As it is the best safe available real estate investment option in real estate.

What Is Preleased proeprty?

Pre leased property or rented property is  property which is already occupied by any tenent and is generating monthly income for a agreed period between property owner and tenant.  It assures of fixed income and since property is ready thus decrease the chance sof getting fooled in the name of documentaion process of clearance.

So real estate is still the best option of investment but need to make right choice that we have to invest in commercial rather than in resdential.


What options are in Pre Leasd property in gurgaon?

1, Banks/Atms

2, Office spaces

3, Retail shops

4, independent building

5, warehouse.

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